Indianapolis Business Journal

APRIL 4-10, 2011

This week, check out the latest installment of "Testing Reform," IBJ's special series on charter schools, which in this issue looks at the controversery over judging their performance. Also from our front page, read a behind-the-scenes look at the city's decision to grant big tax breaks to Rolls Royce Corp., fearing the manufacturer might pull thousands of jobs out of the area. And in Focus, learn how autoparts supplier Gestamp is trying to crash the casket-making industry dominated by Batesville's Hillenbrand Industries.

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Drilling is energy key

The [March 28] energy article by [Bruce] Hetrick proposes a Hollywood piece of fiction as a modern-day parable of undeniable truth.

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WellPoint gets vote of confidence

Health reform will make health insurance a less-profitable business, but WellPoint Inc. got a vote of confidence from bond analysts because health-reform rules have turned out milder than expected and WellPoint’s financial performance has been particularly strong as the economy recovers.

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Zimmer goes on offensive against lawyers

The Warsaw-based maker of orthopedic implants has filed suit to stop a Detroit-area law firm from making allegedly false claims and using its trademarks on websites designed to attract plaintiffs to sue Zimmer over one of its knee-replacement implants called NexGen.

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