Indianapolis Business Journal

APRIL 9-15, 2012

This week, find out how Citizens Energy group's acquisition of the Indianapolis water utility affected its bottom line and read about why politics are driving up gun sales. In Focus, see what advantage local tech up-and-comers have as a result of their location. And in A&E, columnist Bruce Hetrick shares his dreams.

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Russian investor gives Ener1 fresh start

A Russian timber tycoon who poured millions into a battery maker with Hoosier roots is the new owner of Ener1 Inc. Boris Zingarevich supplied $50 million for Ener1’s March 30 exit from bankruptcy and is moving its headquarters from New York to Indianapolis—already home to its core subsidiary, EnerDel.

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Political worries contribute to robust firearms sales

The presidential election is still a long way off, but large numbers of Indianapolis-area gun owners seem to think Barack Obama is a surefire bet for a second term. Uneasiness over his re-election (and fear that he might push for strict gun control laws) has sparked a run on weapons and ammunition.

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Prof showed compassion

In the April 2 [Forefront] Thomas Sowell attacks the credentials and worthiness of Professor Derrick Bell to serve as a professor at Harvard Law School.

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Column read like Fox audition

[Greg Morris’ March 26 column] reads more like an audition to be the next fear-mongering talking head on Fox News instead of the thoughtful commentary we have come to expect from the IBJ.

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Gun rights indeed at risk

Thomas M. Meredith [April 2 letter] wrote that Greg Morris’ [March 26 column] was “pure fear mongering, filled with innuendos and false statements.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

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FirstPerson buys FlashPoint HR unit

Indianapolis-based benefits brokerage FirstPerson acquired the small-employer human resource division of Indianapolis-based consulting firm FlashPoint last week in a bid to provide a wider array of services to small businesses.

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