Indianapolis Business Journal

AUGUST 16-22, 2010

This week, read about what museums along the Central Canal are doing to attract some of the passersby, and see how members of the SImon family made millions on a New Jersey development project.  Also, Greg Andrews takes a look at what the Fair Finance bankruptcy trustee is finding as he digs through the company's books. And in A&E, see what Lou and crew thought of the signature food at this year's Indiana State Fair—complete with a video tour.

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Battery-maker EnerDel eyes utility power-storage market

Locally based EnerDel Inc. has been riding high on prospects its lithium-ion batteries will be in hot demand to power plug-in
electric vehicles, but another market might be larger. A Piper Jaffray report estimates the global market for batteries used
to store electricity on utility power grids could be $600 billion over 10 years.

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Lilly braces for plunge in profits

Indianapolis-based drugmaker Eli Lilly and Co. faces such an unprecedented string of patent expirations and an unheard-of
loss of revenue that it’s hard to picture what the company will look like in five years.

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Purdue aims to boost solar progress

Purdue University will join the quest for cheap solar-generated electricity with an initiative aimed at speeding up research
across the industry. The Network for Photovoltaic Technology will launch this fall, focused on creating computer models to
eliminate costly and slow trial-and-error research in the solar industry.

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Roche hit with new breed of patent suit

Roche Diagnostics, a Swiss company that keeps its U.S. headquarters in Indianapolis, has been sued for marking its Accu-Chek
blood glucose monitors and accessories with patents that are expired. Illinois resident David O’Neill has sued on behalf
of the U.S. government to recover damages of $500 per infraction.

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