Indianapolis Business Journal

AUGUST 2-8, 2010

This week, see what impact the Brickyard 400's falling fortunes could have on the Indy Racing League and read about the tough road ahead for upstart automaker Bright Automotive. In Focus, check out what local bed-and-breakfasts have to say about the support they get from the Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association. And in A&E, get Lou Harry's take on "A Funny Thing" that's happening at the Athenaeum.

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New law takes American Health Network full circle

Dr. Ben Park joined Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in 1993 to start a large group of primary care physicians who would
institute a concept called managed care. Now American Health Network is
well-positioned to take advantage of the new version of managed care, called accountable care.

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State steps up chase for data centers

Jam-packed with expensive equipment, data centers represent huge capital investments in a relatively small footprint. That
can mean steep property tax bills, though Indiana allows communities to exempt a portion of that tax. Jobs-hungry Indiana
is eager to attract more of these climate-controlled computing fortresses.

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Don’t make hires too quickly

Mickey Maurer’s [July 12 column offering] advice on exercising care in hiring is well-taken. Busy people often decide
to hire too quickly and to correct the resulting error too slowly.

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Move Black Expo to fairgrounds

As a downtown resident of over 30 years I feel that it is a privilege to use the facilities that we as a city have created
downtown. Black Expo has violated that privilege.

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