Indianapolis Business Journal

AUGUST 25-31, 2014

The theme of this week's issue is "comebacks." Scott Olson reacquaints us with homebuilder Brad Davis and Paul Estridge Jr., whose prominant companies faltered during the housing downturn but have re-emerged in new incarnations. Norm Heikens explains how Hoosier incomes are rebouding. And in A&E, Lou Harry shows off the latest great games from GenCon as the nation's board- and card-game renaissance continues. 

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Feds’ new data adds shine to Hoosier incomes

In April, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis began considering cost of living alongside the stew of income figures it has long collected, and the new, adjusted income numbers make both the metro area and the state look like better places to live.

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Star caterer Jack Bayt on upswing after tumble

Six years after having the area’s largest catering business sold out from under him, Jack Bayt is back, leading a revamped Crystal Catering. But the new iteration is much smaller than in the days when Bayt and his partners wanted to become a regional or even national player.

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Mainstreet torques up expansion ambitions

Mainstreet Property Group, already the fastest-growing company in the Indianapolis area, now has the fuel it needs to nearly triple its pace of construction of senior care facilities around the country.

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Demise of Radio Disney causing static; local station in play

Walt Disney Co. announced earlier this month that it would sell its 23 radio stations that target children ages 3 to 15. The only Radio Disney outpost on the FM dial, WRDZ-FM 98.3 in Indianapolis, could be particularly sought after if the stations are sold individually.

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Global group taps local woman to lead Indy chapter

Jennifer Burns is looking for a couple of dozen twenty-somethings who, like her, share the lofty goals of the World Economic Forum, the organization that gathers heads of state and CEOs each January in the Swiss mountain town of Davos.

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More praise for Lauth

I worked for Bob Lauth and found him to be tough, fair, driven and extraordinarily street-smart [Maurer column, July 21].

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