Indianapolis Business Journal

AUGUST 3-9, 2015

Angie’s List is at a crossroads. It’s searching for a new CEO and adding layers to its original business model while investor lose patience with persistent losses. Jared Council examines the issues making shareholders antsy. Also in this week’s issue, Scott Olson reports on disputes over the assessments of several downtown skyscrapers. And in A&E Etc., Mike Lopresti runs the numbers of most importance to Colts fans this season.

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EDITORIAL: May Anthem’s tribe increase

Headquarters house a company’s best and brightest, including executives with authority to make final decisions. The corner office is more likely than an outpost to back a risky or expensive project to improve a city.

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KIM: Stock buybacks can be a harmful ‘sugar high’

The combination of higher EPS and company buying usually provides a short-term boost to the stock. This makes Wall Street happy, keeps the activists at bay, and helps management enhance the value of its stock options and meet bonus targets.

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Mixed-up morals

Kennedy [July 27 column] rails against allowing the Christian cake baker to refuse baking the cake for “Adam and Steve,” but what if the baker is Muslim?

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Kennedy borrows from ’60s radical

Sheila Kennedy’s [July 27 column] “Who’s the bigot”? quotes Sean Hannity as saying, “The three most persecuted groups in America today are Christians, the wealthy, and white males,”

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