Indianapolis Business Journal

AUGUST 8-14, 2011

This week, find out what Cynthia Hoye did as a child to prepare for her job running the Indiana State Fair and read about how Lucas Oil Raceway hopes to endure some big losses. In Focus, find out how local banks are faring in current economic times. And check out Forefront, which includes columns from Illinois' governor and Indiana' economic development chief squaring off over corporate relocations.

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Myers is local jewel

We are fortunate to have Myers return to Indianapolis. He has vast experience in the delivery of health care and how it impacts our community.

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Another TIF test

Every proposed development that approaches a municipality expects a TIF district and tax abatements. They point out that every other municipality they approach is willing to give this to them. If you refuse, they go elsewhere.

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Hit greedy Colts in the pocketbook

Since this is ultimately about money, simple solutions exist and the simplest of all is to not buy Colts tickets—and if you want to cross over to radical you can boycott Colts commercial sponsor products.

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We’re all hurt by diminished media

That’s the real tragedy of these Gannett layoffs, the stooping to infotainment and the dumbing down of not just a new generation of Woodwards and Bernsteins (if they even know who that is), and the slow death of the entire Fourth Estate.

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PROXY CORNER: The Finish Line Inc.

The Finish Line Inc. is an Indianapolis-based specialty retailer of brand-name athletic and leisure footwear, activewear and accessories.The company operates 656 stores in malls across the United States.

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