Indianapolis Business Journal

AUGUST 9-15, 2010

This week, read about what the new CEO of Endangered Species Chocolate has planned for the slumping candy company, and find out why a Boone County farmer spends his summers thinking about Christmas. Also, see what the Colts' marketing team has been up to in the off-season, and in A&E, check out how Lou Harry passed the hours on a recent road trip.

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MAURER: Even CEOs need mentors

To create a disciplined investment strategy, I developed “The Ten Essential Principles of Entrepreneurship You Didn’t
Learn in School.” Over the course of 10 columns, I will feature each of
these essential principles. This is the third installment.

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ICVA does assist bed-and-breakfasts

As the owners and innkeepers of Nestle Inn B&B downtown for the past 11 years, we were perplexed by your investigative
report [in the Aug. 2 Focus], “Overshadowed and underappreciated?”

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Analyst: Arcadia sales poised to take off

Arcadia Resources’ DailyMed business will grow revenue 10-fold in the next three years and push the Indianapolis-based
company into profitability, according to a research report by the first analyst to officially cover the company.

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