Indianapolis Business Journal

DECEMBER 16-22, 2013

Indiana's largest beer distributor is mounting the latest legal challenge to the state's arcane, Prohibition-era liquor laws. Scott Olson reports that Indy-based Monarch Beverage is suing state officials, arguing the firm  should be able to supply liquor to bars, restaurants and retail outlets. Also in this issue, J.K. Wall reports on the sudden and mysterious exit of Community Health Network's chief financial officer. And in A&E, Lou Harry explores the differences between local chestnut "Yuletide Celebration" and edgy newcomer "The Nutcracker" from NoExit Performance.

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Suit spawns liquor-distribution showdown

Indiana’s largest beer distributor is mounting the latest legal challenge to the state’s arcane, Prohibition-era liquor laws. Indianapolis-based Monarch Beverage Co. Inc. is suing state officials, arguing the company should be able to also supply liquor to bars, restaurants and retail outlets.

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Community Health CFO makes sudden exit

Tom Fischer, the chief financial and chief operating officer of Community Health Network, departed suddenly this month. Sources with knowledge of the situation described Fischer’s exit as a firing. But a Community spokeswoman said Fischer resigned in a private meeting with Community CEO Bryan Mills.

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Commercial blitz may follow Westfield’s housing boom

Poised for a development boom in those heady days before the real estate market collapsed, Westfield appears back on track for growth. Residential activity never stopped, but builders are picking up the pace in response to increasing demand. If history holds true, a commercial construction blitz will come next.

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UIndy receives $3M to launch MBA for school leaders

The goal of the education MBA programs is to equip school leaders with business-type skills to lead well-funded schools to compete better internationally and to help the impoverished students in urban and rural schools catch up with their suburban peers.

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KENNEDY: A troubling response

Semester end is hectic for college professors. Research papers and final examinations must be graded, last-minute pleas from students who realize they haven’t performed or who feel entitled to special accommodations must be moderated, committees that haven’t completed their assigned tasks during the preceding months must meet—and of course there’s the added stress of the holidays.

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HENDERSON: Love can trump constitutional missteps

The fatwa on gay marriage must end. The state Constitution is no toy for the disengaged to manipulate real love. I’m hoping the Legislature does the right thing: reverse the hatred and disinformation that makes us appear like Iran on an evil day.

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Local support made Eskenazi feat possible

A little more than four years ago, our community came together like never before. Thanks to you, thanks to leaders from across our central Indiana, thanks to more than 400 Indiana companies and more than 10,000 workers, and thanks to Sidney and Lois Eskenazi and hundreds of generous donors, the new Sidney & Lois Hospital and Eskenazi Health is here for you.

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Hoosiers don’t want marriage amendment

As the debate over House Joint Resolution 6 continues, I wonder if some of the major proponents of this discriminatory bill, such as Micah Clark, Eric Miller and Curt Smith, realize that they are being outnumbered.

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