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DECEMBER 19-25, 2011

This week, find out why a powerful lawmaker wants to revise Indiana's charity gambling law and read about the real estate implications of the region's latest mass-transit plan. In Focus, our legislative preview offers a look at the forces gathering for the right-to-work showdown. And in A&E, Lou Harry shares state film critics' picks for the best flicks of 2011.

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NFL’s new TV deals are big score for Colts

The NFL’s new broadcast agreements with CBS, Fox and NBC will make the league by far the richest in terms of professional sports broadcast pacts. The Colts will get close to $218.8 million a year from the deals starting in 2014.

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Independent doctors fear loss of referrals

Independent health care facilities, like Body One Physical Therapy, are seeing referrals from physicians beginning to slacken as more and more doctors become employees of hospitals. The hospitals request that doctors send patients to their in-house physical therapy practices.

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Transit plan may boost real estate investment

A proposed $1.3 billion transit system might bring redevelopment to urban neighborhoods. Yet transit proponents have surprisingly little to say about how much the system could generate in new real estate investment.

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Is China headed for ‘soft-landing slowdown’

An oasis of growth for some Hoosier manufacturers, China’s economy is headed for a slowdown. That affects both Indiana companies that have outposts in China, and the firms that export to the Asian powerhouse.

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Turnaround company wants to launch feeder schools

Charter Schools USA, the Florida-based company tapped by the state government to turn around Howe and Manual high schools in Indianapolis, also wants to launch two charter elementary schools to help feed students into those schools.

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Indiana may be ground zero for right-to-work fight

Indiana’s anticipated battle next month over a right-to-work law is expected to rival last year’s epic Wisconsin union fight that drew 180,000 protestors to Madison rallies and became the focus of national media attention.

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UPDIKE: What millennials look for in urban cores

I’m among the firstborn of the millennial generation—that group of young folk who grew up with the Internet and can’t really remember life without spell-check—and I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to engage my budding generation.

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State manages risk

Ken Skarbeck’s column [Nov. 19] addressed a new strategy the Indiana Public Retirement System is using to diversify its portfolio. T

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NFP of NOTE: Flanner House of Indianapolis

Flanner House of Indianapolis supports, advocates for and empowers individuals, children and families by applying educational, social and economic resources that move the community toward self-sufficiency.

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