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FEBRUARY 18-24, 2013

This week, learn about Anthem's new "exclusive provider" health insurance network and find out why Allos Ventures raised $40 million to help early-stage tech firms. In Focus, reporter Chris O'Malley takes a look at the Indiana coal industry's scramble to save its future. And in A&E, Lou Harry offers his views on local improv troupe ComedySportz.

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Anthem tries new ‘narrow network’ strategy

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield has selected Community Health Network to be the “exclusive provider” for a new kind of health insurance plan—a sharp departure from Anthem’s typical strategy of offering the broadest network of hospitals and doctors.

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Allos Ventures raises $40 million for early-stage tech firms

Allos Ventures has raised $40 million from local tech industry luminaries and others to invest in early-stage tech companies in the Midwest, a segment that has seen funding dry up. The fund, Allos II, aims to invest $3 million to $7 million each in about a dozen early-stage companies—not upstarts but those already generating solid revenue streams.

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RUSTHOVEN: ‘Relevance’ is irrelevant

Among American liberals, coverage of Pope Benedict’s decision to resign and speculation about his successor take a predictable line. The Washington Post’s editorial is typical. The challenge facing the Roman Catholic Church, we are told, is “how to remain relevant to an increasingly secular world and to its own changing membership.” Benedict was a “conservative,” at times “reactionary,” who believed “only uncompromising adherence to past doctrine could preserve the faith.

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Radio’s real problem

As a former radio personality (NPR and later WHAS-AM 840 in Louisville and other stations) and broadcast operations manager and intern supervisor at the University of Louisville), I continue to shake my head at Emmis and boss Jeff Smulyan’s total swivet with cell phone operators for refusing to put radio tuners on their phones or switch them on if they exist.

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’12 worst year for life sciences since 1990s

To understand why Indiana’s life sciences entrepreneurs are frustrated with the flow of venture capital, look no further than this statistic from a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers report: 2012 was the slowest year for first-time life sciences investment since 1995.

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