Indianapolis Business Journal

JANUARY 10-16, 2010

This week, find out why arts organizations brag about the quality of their acoustics—and whether patrons care. Also, read about how Donna Gadient made it  to the top at engineering R.W. Armstrong without a college degree. In Focus, see why Gov. Mitch Daniels has shifted his focus to education reform. And see what Statehouse observer Ed Feigenbaum expects from this year's State of the State Address.

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EDITORIAL: Praise for Don Welsh

Don Welsh, the departing leader of the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association, is the embodiment of the risk and reward associated with bringing in outside talent to do important work on the city’s behalf.

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Leave fund alone

In reading the editorial, “Let’s consider tapping bank fund,” in the Jan. 3 issue, several corrections are appropriate.

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PDIF has served its purpose

The Public Deposit Insurance Fund, Indiana’s state-based backup to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., has served its purpose for more than 70 years, and efforts by some Indiana lawmakers to raid this fund are misguided (“Daniels, bankers may spar,” Dec. 27).

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