Indianapolis Business Journal

JANUARY 23-29, 2017

It’s come to this for HHGregg Inc. after a years-long slide: Analysts are beginning to question whether the appliance and consumer electronics retailer can survive. Scott Olson examines its challenges. Also in this week’s issue, Anthony Schoettle peels back Dan Dakich’s signature bluster to get a better sense of the man behind the sports-talk mouth and how he’s changed since his father’s death. And Hayleigh Colombo has a complete accounting of Gov. Eric Holcomb’s leadership team and his goal while assembling it.

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New Gleaners boss flush with ideas

John Elliott, who took over as CEO and president of the state’s largest food bank in September, has spent the last four months focused on opening the not-for-profit to new ideas that could lead to feeding more people on fewer dollars.

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Holcomb opts for team of veterans

All but a handful of the nearly 50 agency heads, cabinet members and key staff members Holcomb has selected worked in either the Daniels or Pence administrations—or both.

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Residents stopped Hustler

The difference between Hustler’s denial and the other two existing adult stores in the area is that concerned residents and business owners got involved here.

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