Indianapolis Business Journal

JANUARY 7-13, 2013

This week, read about Centaur's new strategy for central Indiana's two horse tracks and find out why the leaders of 18 area cities and towns are working together. In Focus, investment strategists confront shrinking interest rates. And in Forefront, columnists take on the issues of the day.

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CNO’s Bonach has insurance firm back on offense

CNO Financial Group’s stock price has nearly doubled since Ed Bonach took the helm in October 2011. Some analysts that follow the successor to Conseco Inc., which a decade ago was the nation’s third-largest Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization, now regard CNO as an attractive value play.

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Daniels did his job

To put in perspective the flurry of activity that has been the eight years of the Daniels administration, one must think back to the state he inherited following a succession of solid, but caretaker, governors.

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Gasification plant is wise investment

Lincolnland Economic Development Corp. is recruiting the $2.8 billion Indiana Gasification LLC clean energy project. The plant represents hundreds of permanent, high-paying jobs in newer, cleaner advanced industrial technologies.

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Coal plant good for jobs

I commend Lincolnland Economic Development Corp. for finding the perfect fit in a company for our state. The coal gasification plant planned to be built in Rockport will really help our state.

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