Indianapolis Business Journal

JULY 11-17, 2016

The Pence administration is brawling with federal officials over evaluating the HIP 2.0 health insurance plan for needy Hoosiers. John Russell explains the fuss over the ways proposed to tell if it’s working. Also in this week’s issue, Hayleigh Colombo reports that officials finally are closing in on a location for the $25 million state archives project. In Focus, Cory Schouten examines the plan to preserve elements of the art deco Coca-Cola bottling plant on Mass Ave. And in Forefront, thought leaders debate the cost of expanding mass transit in central Indiana is worth it.

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EDITORIAL: Pence, Trump an awkward fit

Where’s the overlap on agendas? While Trump’s policy statements often border on the incoherent, there is little evidence his priorities are close to in sync with Pence’s conservative vision. Their words and deeds could hardly be more different, either.

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KRAMER: Bill would help city fight toughest problems

If passed and implemented, this law could be a game-changer in how organizations such as Goodwill serve families across Indiana and the country. By investing in strong programs with proven outcomes, long-term savings for the government can be realized, creating economic boosts for cities and states.

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Vaping law offers safety

The lack of regulation of the industry had created a “wild west” environment, leaving consumers no idea what was in an e-liquid bottle, where it came from or who would be responsible for any harm it may have caused.

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