Indianapolis Business Journal

MARCH 19-25, 2012

This week, read about what the IndyCar Series is doing to drive up TV ratings and attendance and check out our recap of how business-related legislation fared in this year's General Assembly. In Focus,  see why hospitals are pushing preemptive care. And in Behind the News, Greg Andrews take a look at what the current market conditions may mean for local companies contemplating an IPO.

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Deal rekindles $45M downtown project

Former partners in Kosene & Kosene Development have settled a legal dispute that jeopardized redevelopment of the vacant former Bank One Operations Center downtown. Milhaus Development has until May 1 to begin construction.

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KLACIK: Now for a new round of big thinking

If we go about directing the energy and confidence gained during our super moment into an effort downsized by fear of failure, and constrained by limited resources, hampered by political partisanship, and burdened by intra-regional rivalries, and what-is-in-it-for-me agendas, then we will not fully realize the potential of this super moment.

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Wrong about vaccines

IBJ readers may be terribly misled by Anita Y. Woudenberg’s [March 5 Forefront] remarks about vaccines.

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Chu tells half-truth

I have grown tired of the half-truths sold to the public regarding how much of every taxpayer dollar goes into classrooms [Chu column, March 5 Forefront].

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Excess not-for-profits

Our hearts are big and our intentions are good, but few organizations have the capacity to run our programs with best practice outcomes.

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