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MARCH 29-APRIL 4, 2010

This week, find out why a judge might force the owner of the Vogue nightclub to sell the popular Broad Ripple venue and see why Duke Realty is crying foul over attorney fees in a concrete price-fixing case. In Focus, read about why venture capital funds are getting stingier. And in A&E, travel to Paraguay with columnist Frank Basile.

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Airport ponders radical ideas to boost revenue

The Indianapolis Airport Authority is poised to pull out all the stops to maximize revenue in the face of declining travel.
Possibilities include hosting a farmer’s market atop the airport parking garage and opening secure areas to shoppers who aren’t
flying anywhere.

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Employers fret over health care overhaul

Most employers in central Indiana are just beginning to figure out what the health insurance reform bill will mean for their
businesses. Caterpillar Inc., which employs nearly 1,500 at an engine plant in Lafayette, expects costs to rise about 20 percent.

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Vogue owner’s bankruptcy may force sale of venue

A mix of business and personal woes have pushed Steven Carter Ross, the longtime owner and manager of the Vogue nightclub,
into personal bankruptcy. Now a judge must decide whether Ross can keep the popular Broad Ripple music venue, or if he must
sell it to satisfy his creditors and his estranged wife.

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MARCUS: Set sights on education, not graduation

The dimmer wits in the Indiana General Assembly want to compensate colleges and universities according to their graduation
rates. This is another example of shallow reasoning by our elected representatives reflecting erroneous thought that has permeated
our society.

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Story on prosecutor was inaccurate

I feel it’s necessary to question the fair and balanced
reporting on the part of Cory Schouten in his article, “Brizzi’s lease deals benefited friend, donor,” published
March 15.

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Docs fear reform will exacerbate ER overuse

One of the most agreed-upon reasons for health care reform was the expensive overuse of the emergency room by uninsured patients.
But two Hoosier ER docs—one conservative, one liberal—say the implementation of ObamaCare will leave that fundamental
problem unresolved.

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NFP of NOTE: Assistance League of Indianapolis

The Assistance League of Indianapolis is an all-volunteer organization whose members identify, develop, implement, manage,
and raise funds for ongoing philanthropic programs to serve specific needs of children and adults in the greater Indianapolis

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