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MAY 30-JUNE 5, 2011

This week, find out how Indiana public-company executives fared last year—and search our compensation database. Also, see what's ahead for the long-dormant Central State Hospital redevelopment project and check out a gallery of photos from the grounds. In Focus, read about how owners of a local family business are steeling themselves to hand over the reins. And in A&E, etc., see what Lou Harry thought of Krzysztof Urbanski’s unofficial coming-out party with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

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CEOs see stock windfall after market crash

Executives at Indiana’s public companies got rich in the down-and-up market, even when investors didn't. CNO Financial's Jim Prieur, for example, received stock grants now worth $4.4M, despite share prices that are 40 percent lower than three years ago. With searchable database.

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IPS is improving

There’s been much talk recently about the possibility of mayoral control of Indianapolis Public Schools. Missing in this debate are the voices of the students and families who actually live within and are served by the school district.

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Families First helps beat addiction

In response to the prescription drug article [in the May 16 Focus section], with the increase in prescription-drug abuse throughout the state, there are two important things to understand:

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Swipe-fee reforms will ensure prosperity

Merchants in the Hoosier state have experienced an inordinately swift and severe rise in swipe fees, a charge that card-issuing banks levy against retailers every time a customer uses a debit card to make a purchase.

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