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MAY 5-11, 2014

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EDITORIAL: Justice center move can benefit downtown

Most of the conversation surrounding the city’s proposed criminal justice center has focused on what the heart of downtown stands to lose when the courts and jails move out Rarely discussed is what downtown can gain from the new center, which is now officially slated for about a third of the 110-acre GM Stamping Plant site just west of White River.

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KENNEDY: The tax-cutters are too clever by half

Tax cuts have consequences as predictable as the sunrise. The politicians who cut taxes boast about their concern for taxpayers and their superior efficiency; they assure us that our low taxes will lure new business, then they run for higher office or otherwise head for greener pastures where the accuracy of those claims is unlikely to be tested. The politicians who have been left to operate with less money engage in equally predictable behaviors.

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LEE: A path toward better health care

Lost in all the rhetoric about the Affordable Care Act—website glitches, recriminations and cries for “repeal and replace”—it’s easy to forget the near-universal agreement that today’s health care environment is fragmented and inefficient.

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