Indianapolis Business Journal

NOVEMBER 5-11, 2012

This week, read about IndyCar leaders' options as the open-wheel series approaches a fork in the road and find out why the EPA wants to put Martinsville on the Superfund priority list. Also, Greg Andrews reports on the latest in the Mel Simon estate brawl. And our Forefront columnists weigh in on the final round of the 2012 election showdown.

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IndyCar confronts ‘defining moment’

The IndyCar Series is approaching a three-pronged fork in the road, and the path its leaders choose will have long-lasting implications for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Indianapolis 500.

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Low enrollment clouds Healthy Indiana Plan

Many Indiana Republicans want to use the Healthy Indiana Plan to expand Medicaid coverage in Indiana to more low-income adults. But the program—which offers health insurance based on health savings accounts to uninsured adults—has managed to attract just one-third of the Hoosiers it was designed for and has cost about twice as much per enrollee as predicted.

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Outlook gloomy for device investments

The amount of venture capital invested in medical-device and equipment companies nationally has declined each quarter this year, reaching levels not seen since 2004, according to data released Oct. 19 by the National Venture Capital Association and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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MORRIS: Your vote on Nov. 6 is important

We all need to express our feelings about what’s going on in our local communities, our state and our country by casting votes for the candidates we believe can make the most positive impact on our lives.

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KENNEDY: Lots of tea, not much sympathy

Mike Pence has been running a strategically brilliant campaign, taking care to mask his inner culture warrior while displaying a previously invisible interest in economic development and job creation.

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SCHMIDT: Romney energy policy best

Indiana is blessed with abundant energy resources. We have a 300-year supply of coal. A substantial part of the 214 million barrels of oil and 4.7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in the Illinois Basin sits in southwestern Indiana. We have even more natural gas locked away as shale gas, coal bed methane and landfill gas.

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HICKS: The problems with polling and predictions

Just days before a presidential election, there’s no doubt we will be bombarded with poll results and election models designed to predict winners and losers. It is useful to explain how these work without technical jargon.

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Selective spin

Bruce Hetrick’s [Oct. 22] column “spouted off” on two examples of GOP “spin,” one regarding Republican Paul Ryan, the other regarding Republican Mitt Romney.

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Rusthoven an ‘epigone’

It is clear that Richard Mourdock is an astringent to the derriere of Peter Rusthoven [Oct. 29 column]. How else does one explain why the luminous Lugar acolyte Rusthoven would attack Mourdock for Mourdock’s cumbersome locution for which he has apologized and clarified?

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Local lawyer appointed federal bankruptcy judge

James M. Carr of the Indianapolis law firm Faegre Baker Daniels LLP has been appointed to a 14-year term effective Jan. 1. His selection follows the recent appointment of Marion Superior Court Judge Robyn Moberly.

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