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OCTOBER 22-28, 2012

This week, read about Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra's ambitious fundraising goal and find out why state securities regulators are going after the investment firm that raised $5 million for homebuilder Paul Estridge Jr. And in Focus, discover the connection between tech entrepreneurs and health care providers.

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Airport’s ground game fueling tensions

The Indianapolis Airport Authority’s aggressive effort to stop an Ohio firm from building a parking facility beyond airport boundaries has neighbors worrying the municipality will unleash its lawyers on virtually any nearby business deemed a threat to airport revenue.

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Question Rockport

One is left to wonder why Bill Styring [Oct. 15 Forefront] and others like him were so darned slow to engage in this issue.

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Sports, arts not rivals

Bill Benner’s [Oct. 15] column on arts versus sports drives home the point of the misguided view that the arts and sports are equal rivals! This column should have appeared on your front page!

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Might leave the state

[Hetrick’s Oct. 8 column] was spot on. I tend Democrat but have been voting for Richard Lugar since I could vote in 1972.

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Disheartening response

Thank you for the [Oct. 8 Morris column] on the Senate race. Some important issues seem to be swept under the rug in this important race.

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Obesity battle can be won

The shocking news about obesity keeps on coming. As IBJ reported in its Oct. 8 editorial, “Residents’ health a weighty issue,” more than half of Hoosiers will be obese by 2030, costing us billions of dollars in health care and lost productivity.

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Can Lilly capitalize on Alzheimer’s breakthrough?

Eli Lilly and Co. has apparently made major medical history by being the first to develop a drug that alters the course of Alzheimer’s disease. But whether Lilly can be the first to make major money from a disease-altering Alzheimer’s drug is still in doubt.

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