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OCTOBER 24-30, 2011

This week, see how a local tech firm owner is making the most of flexible work arrangements and find out what's at stake in the upcoming City-Council Council elections. In Focus, read about what the Spencer County town of Chrisney has that Indianapolis doesn't. Greg Andrews explores the effort to move the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to Indiana in his column. And in Forefront, pundits weigh in on the local mayoral race.

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Hospitals scrambling to buy nursing homes

The hospitals owned by Boone and Hamilton counties are following the lead of Indianapolis-based Wishard Health Services and its parent organization by acquiring far-flung nursing homes, hoping the strategy proves as lucrative.

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Riley doctor on quest to quell class warfare

A Riley Hospital for Children doctor is launching a training center for a national anti-poverty program called Circles, which matches poor people with middle-class “allies.” The idea is that people find their own way out of poverty by expanding their personal networks to include the middle class.

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The other side of McRobbie’s speech

Most of Michael McRobbie’s comments in his state of the university message [“Public in name only,” Oct. 15] stem from his unhappiness with two actions of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, both of which are supported by the Legislature.

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Education creates improbable allies

It’s clear to even the most casual observer that President Obama and Gov. Mitch Daniels don’t agree on much, but the two leaders have found some common ground over the last three years on an issue that affects every American: public education.

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Why women matter

The Mayor’s Office in Indianapolis is not in step with women. Out of 17 top positions, the administration has only one appointment that is a woman.

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