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In this week's issue, Anthony Schoettle explores whether the lack of a five-star hotel in Indianapolis hampers the city's chances of landing another Super Bowl. Dan Human profiles five up-and-coming tech firms that could be attractive acquisition targets. Chris O'Malley explains why TV's syndicated "Family Feud" is devoting an inordinate amount of airtime to Hoosier contestants. And in A&E, Lou Harry cases the new Studio Movie Grill for its cinematic bona fides and family-friendly eats.

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Health law fuels modest rise in costs

It’s long been known that Obamacare would make health benefits more expensive for most employers. Now, it’s finally becoming clearer by how much: about 9 percent, on average, according to a series of actuarial studies.

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Tech deal escalates battle of titans

The CEOs and of four cloud marketing companies–two national and two local–might make Indianapolis into a bridge between two feuding Silicon Valley giants. Or put the city in the middle of an aggressive arms race in one of the tech industry’s hottest markets—cloud marketing.

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RUSTHOVEN: Coats is GOP voice of sanity

In 1957, then-Sen. John Kennedy published “Profiles in Courage,” chronicling stories of senators who (in Kennedy’s rendition) risked careers to do the right thing in the face of political pressure. Eleanor Roosevelt, who thought JFK more a show horse than a work horse, remarked that Kennedy himself needed “less profile and more courage.”

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Hicks: Odds of Affordable Care Act failure keep rising

It is far too early to call the rollout of the Affordable Care Act a failure; most new programs have rocky starts. But this one has most of the signs of inevitable failure. If the situation doesn’t remedy itself quickly, the complete redo of the law will be hastened considerably.

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Asians help economies

Your [Oct. 14] editorial encouraging Asian immigration was spot-on. I have been saying for years that the United States, and Indianapolis in particular, should encourage Asians to migrate here.

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Manage aging process

Thank you for including the [Oct. 7] article on the Global AgeWatch Index and the need for societies to better prepare for the impact of an aging population.

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