Indianapolis Business Journal

SEPTEMBER 11-17, 2017

School districts in Martinsville, Muncie and Perry Township recently have experienced major problems with their busing systems. The common denominator was a start-up consulting firm hired to rework their bus routes. IBJ’s John Russell investigates True Consultant Services LLC and finds the firm’s two leaders had unusual credentials for offering transportation advice. Also in this issue, Susan Orr examines the recent rate hike for subscribers of The Indianapolis Star as revenue declines for its parent company. And in A&E Etc., Lou Harry points out fun activities for finishing the summer.

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Years of effort yield payoff with non-stop Paris flight

With the addition of the Paris route, the airport has added 37 nonstop flights since 2014. Each small success has begat a larger one—with perhaps the first big breakthrough coming when United Airlines established nonstop service between Indianapolis and San Francisco in 2014.

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Yes to more fun time

I just read Mickey Maurer’s latest column on aging and thought it was outstanding [Maurer: Embrace a decade of firsts, not lasts, Aug. 14]. I am turning 70 later this year and can assure you that I feel the same way you do. Every day is a celebration and an opportunity to create some “firsts.” […]

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Fadness story illustrates disingenuousness

The opening paragraphs of Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness’ profile by IBJ’s Lindsey Erdody demonstrate insights into his governance: ignorance, disingenuousness or dishonesty [Fishers mayor a rising star in Republican party, Aug. 14]. In Ms. Erdody’s piece, Fadness says he voted against the historic and community economic development tool—the Nickel Plate Railroad and our State Fair […]

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Divisiveness problem is with public officials

The article by Mr. Blickman—while certainly appropriate—ignores where much of the “divisiveness” truly lies [Blickman: Take action against divisiveness, Sept. 4]. We live in a state where the governor, now vice president, along with a pack from the state legislature sneaked a bill under the nose of the public that made it legal to discriminate […]

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