Indianapolis Business Journal

SEPTEMBER 18-24, 2017

What’s the point of having a ritzy residence without a few parties? But Forrest and Charlotte Lucas host so many galas, fundraisers and other events at their Carmel estate that some nearby residents are fed up. Lindsey Erdody reports that city officials are looking at clamping down on frequent, large-scale entertaining on estates. Also in this week’s issue, Susan Orr digs into the fine print on plans for the Red Line and presents 11 things you might not know about the transit project. And in Forefront, IBJ’s columnists debate the future of Confederate monuments and racially charged art.

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Regional effort holds promise

It’s been sort of fun watching communities across the country—including Indianapolis—get fired up about the idea of landing what Amazon Inc. is calling HQ2, essentially a second North American headquarters for its burgeoning operations. The company sent most major metros into a tizzy with its open call for proposals to host the tech and retail […]

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Tribalism and core American values

We Americans are a cantankerous and argumentative lot. We hold vastly different political philosophies and policy preferences, and we increasingly inhabit alternate realities. Partisans routinely attack elected officials—especially presidents—who don’t share their preferences or otherwise meet their expectations. Politics as usual. Unpleasant and often unfair, but—hysteria and hyperbole notwithstanding—usually not a threat to the future […]

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LETTER: Smart growth means sensible regulation

Many businesses have large amounts of impervious surfaces on their rooftops and parking lots with no areas to allow for natural drainage to wetlands or corridors planted with native species that filter harmful substances and clean the water before it enters the storm sewer system.

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