Indianapolis Business Journal

SEPTEMBER 6-12, 2010

This week, see how Lauth Group will fare if a judge accepts a proposed settlement agreement between a bankrupt affiliate and a major investor. Also, read about Fair Finance co-founder Jim Cochran's forceful defense strategy. In a special pull-out section, arts guru Lou Harry provides a preview of the upcoming A&E season. And Mickey Maurer shares his fifth lesson for entrepreneurs.

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MAURER: Kindness is a measure of success

To create a disciplined investment philosophy, I evolved from my experience, “The Ten Essential Principles of Entrepreneurship that You Didn’t Learn in School.” Over the course of 10 columns, I will feature each of these essential principles. This is the fifth installment.

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MARCUS: The highs and lows of unemployment

Indiana’s unemployment rate in July was 10.1 percent—the 12th-highest of the 50 states. Nevada was running at 14.3 percent to lead the nation, while the lowest rate was 3.6 percent, in North Dakota. We’re much closer to the worst than we are to the best.

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MERHOFF: Regionalism according to Yoda

How can we in central Indiana compete? We can build competitive regional clusters that provide what matters to businesses. An educated, affordable labor force. Dependable infrastructure. Quality-of-life amenities that appeal to today’s employees and tomorrow’s.

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Don’t blame UAW workers

It seems that all the pundits from Rush Limbaugh to the World Socialist Website have entered the fray concerning the fate of the Indianapolis stamping plant, while the real culprits escape scrutiny and feign innocence.

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Help our kids pursue degrees

Recent columns from Mickey Maurer (“Even CEOs need mentors,” Aug. 9) and Bruce Hetrick (“How to make the recession last forever,” Aug. 21) underscore important (and related) ideas, namely that everyone needs help and guidance to succeed, and that success in postsecondary education among our children is no longer an option.

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After health reform, Lilly looking for more

The health reform debate may have ended in Congress, but Eli Lilly and Co. remains active, sponsoring a talk about the positives of the
bill—and calling for further government efforts to help pharmaceutical research and development.

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