Indianapolis Business Journal

SEPTEMBER 8-14, 2014

Two of downtown's largest office buildings are close to getting new owners. Scott Olson reports on the likely fates of the 36-story Regions Tower and 30-story Market Tower. Also this week, Kathleen McLaughlin reveals how Monarch Beverage Co. is taking aim at state regulators in its aggressive bid to break into hard-liquor wholesaling. And in A&E Etc., Lou Harry recounts the tale of a lost sculpture designed by Roy Lichtenstein that now resides on the front lawn of the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

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Beer distributor Monarch stepping up booze push

In a campaign to enter the hard liquor business, Monarch Beverage Co. is pursuing a new tactic that takes aim at state regulators. Indiana’s largest beer distributor has accused the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission of letting politics influence its decisions.

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Two downtown office towers changing hands

The 36-story Regions Tower is selling in a negotiated transaction, and the 30-story Market Tower is getting a new owner via a loan default. They are among downtown’s largest office complexes.

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Simon estate in Carmel hits market for $25 million

The 106-acre property includes a 50,000-square-foot mansion and private, 18-hole golf course. Mel Simon and his wife, Bren, had been working on disposing of the home even before the billionaire’s death in September 2009.

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HENDERSON: No, you can’t hide anymore

Customer retention and new sales can be trendy. If you’re Comcast/Xfinity, as an example, you’re reeling from the insane firestorm of social media castigation as regards to how you’ve trained, monitored and improved the quality of your customer service representatives.

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KENNEDY: In the country of the blind

Two unrelated articles in the Aug. 31 New York Times brought me up short. The first was yet another analysis of (un)representative government in Ferguson, Mo.; the second addressed the growing power of Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brothers’ political organization.

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Skarbeck: Risk measure stokes debate over merits of index funds

While the goal of many investors is to “beat the market,” it is a well-known fact that most investors (including professionals), underperform the market over the long run. Hence, the argument to buy index funds. Investors who invest in index funds accept the aggregate ups and downs (volatility) of the broad stock market.

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Pence owed apology

In response to Gov. Mike Pence’s [Aug. 25] letter “Maurer distorted Pence position,” I agree with the governor on Mickey Maurer’s poor choice of words.

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Pence should stand tall

Mickey Maurer’s [Aug. 18] comments on the children from Central America who are being made into a political football by people who lack compassion are spot on.

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Illegal means illegal

Having completed Mickey Maurer’s [Aug. 18] column, I have just one simple question for him: When did Webster’s change the definition of illegal?

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Sticking it to commuters

I found [Sheila Kennedy’s Aug. 11 column] to be incredibly compelling. For years, I worked in Louisville, Ky., while living in Indiana, and for each of those years I was required to pay into a sinking fund (often referred to by commuters as a stinking fund).

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