2020 Innovation Issue: How the experts do it

Design thinking is generally described as a five-step process, with specific names for each step. But in reality, the people and companies that use design thinking adapt their own take on it, by combining or breaking out some of the steps or using a more conceptual approach.

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FELDMANN: Put customer interest before revenue

Understanding the customer and his or her motivation is priceless, but it’s
old-school and just half of the solution. The other half, making it easy
for the customer to engage, is what sets growing organizations apart from stagnant ones.

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Indianapolis needs more to-your-door delivery services

There is an essential component missing that I believe service businesses have to pay attention to and offer if they truly
consider themselves “taking care of the city [of Indianapolis] dwellers.” One of them is to-your-door delivery, especially
for food, including groceries.

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