State museum uncovers hidden Steele painting

The unusual find occurred when the museum, which boasts the largest collection of T.C. Steele paintings in the country, shipped one of the Hoosier artist’s works to be cleaned by a conservator. He said the 122-year-old hidden canvas he found underneath was like a “King Tut” discovery.

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Canal Walk popular, but full of opportunities missed

City leaders once envisioned the Canal Walk as a bustling pathway lined with restaurants and shops, but residential and office buildings have sprouted instead on most of the parcels along the meandering 1-1/2-mile stretch–making it more of a local amenity than a visitor attraction.

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LOU’S VIEWS: Exhibition on ice

When I tell you the Indiana State Museum’s exhibition “The Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition” isn’t a tactile show, don’t let that turn you off.

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