Ed Feigenbaum: Slow second half creates puzzle for bill authors

The legislative process is a puzzle-solving exercise, dependent upon precisely positioning those pieces. The committee to which a bill is assigned might portend a fast-track or slow death. Even a “good” bill could find itself behind the legislative eight-ball should several other major bills be scheduled for a hearing, and simply die from lack of time.

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Look for more tinkering with hate crimes, stadium bills

You can breathe a sigh of relief now. We’ve made it to the midpoint of the 2019 session without serious evidence of bad faith, bad legislation or bad weather ahead. That portends well for an efficient and effective session benefiting all Hoosiers. Until it doesn’t. Yes, typically something does arise in the final third of […]

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Disruptive Statehouse issues tough to anticipate

The annual legislative parlor game asks what issue will crop up this session and disrupt leadership efforts to efficiently manage the proceedings. Sometimes this is a partisan clash, but more recently—with super-minority Democrats unable to throw the proverbial monkey wrench into the process—this phenomenon has morphed from the partisan to the philosophical or fiscal realm. […]

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