Republicans made a smart choice in Holcomb

Republicans made the right choice in naming Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb as the party’s nominee to be the next governor of the state of Indiana. Don’t listen to what the Democrats are saying. They are still reeling from the realization that they are left without a message since the whole John Gregg campaign has been, […]

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BARLOW: The real motive of the gun-control intelligentsia

Agendas are a tricky thing. On the one hand, it’s easy to assume that someone’s agenda motivates his or her actions and that this is inherently sinister. But even after spending over a decade in politics, I still think most people are good and want the best for their neighbor, their community, and themselves.

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BARLOW: Dems now importing candidates … bad ones

I am going to start with a confession: I am a conservative Republican, so it should be no surprise that I cracked up while reading tweets, Facebook posts and stories about the Indiana Democratic Party’s State Convention, or the “Big Dem Weekend.”

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