Indianapolis Business Journal

APRIL 26-MAY 2, 2010

This week, see what former Indianapolis Motor Speedway chief Tony George was doing at a Formula One race in China this month and find out why area hog farmers are hoping for a turnaround. In Focus, check out the momentum the Carmel City Center is picking up. And in A&E, get Lou Harry's take on the new photography exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

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Medical device startup FlowCo enlists Guidant alums

The upstart developer of a device to help doctors choose the right-sized stent to prop open clog-prone arteries has brought
aboard former Guidant Corp. executives, including Bill McConnell. Their regulatory and marketing expertise could help FlowCo Inc. bring its artery-measurement
product to market as soon as 2011.

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Rising prices could help pork producers bounce back

The prices hogs are fetching this year will help farmers begin to climb out of the crater of 2008 and 2009. Average pork prices
may approach record levels this year, Purdue University agricultural economist Chris Hurt predicted, up to $53.63 per hundred
pounds. The record is $55.44 per hundred pounds, set in 1982.

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Let Citizens take over sports venues

There may be a solution to the Capital Improvement Board’s financial problems, described in [the April 19] IBJ,
that are further complicated by the Pacers wanting to renegotiate their Conseco agreement.

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Citizens’ takeover of water will be a relief

Tom Henderson gets it wrong in his [April 12] view that “Part of the overall utility problem is that lack of government
oversight and public policy vision has made Indianapolis one of the highest-polluting and just plain ugliest cities in the

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To grow economy, support small biz

Indianapolis, home to a higher convergence of chain restaurants per capita than most any U.S. city (44-percent higher than
the national average), retained its crown last week.

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