Indianapolis Business Journal

APRIL 4-10, 2016

Plans for a massive Fishers sports complex that its developers said would attract Olympic athletes, NCAA Division II and III teams and a minor-league hockey franchise have seen almost no progress since being unveiled a year ago. Lindsey Erdody takes stock of the project. Also in this week’s issue, Scott Olson details plans for a new downtown hotel that would incorporate the city’s oldest African-American church. And in A&E Etc., Philly-phile Lou Harry weighs in on Hoagies & Hops.

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EDITORIAL: City can solve parking crunch

There’s an opportunity to address the parking deficiency in the Mass Ave corridor with the development of the 11-acre Indianapolis Public Schools site now up for grabs between the 800 block of Mass Ave and East 10th Street.

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KENNEDY: Trashing ‘Hoosier hospitality’

This Legislature—and especially this governor—has undone years of effort to position Indianapolis and Indiana as welcoming, business-friendly venues: We offered “Hoosier hospitality” at “the crossroads of America.”

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BRADY: Don’t ditch rigor with new test

The 23-member panel reviewing new testing options has two potential paths. Members can focus on implementing assessments that offer teachers actionable feedback on student preparedness. Or they can focus on what’s likely to quell anti-testing fervor—whether changing the test’s format, attempting to lower its stakes, or easing its rigor.

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