Indianapolis Business Journal

AUG. 29-SEPT. 4, 2011

This week, find out why the Indianapolis area is losing jobs faster than its peers and read about a deal struck in criminal case that cost some big-name central Indiana companies millions of dollars. In Focus, imagine the possibilities for the former GM stamping plant site. And in A&E, etc., Bill Benner weighs in on the problem with college football.

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Burton applauded

As lawmakers mull whether the mortgage interest deduction should be on the chopping block to rein in the growing federal deficit or change the federal tax code, U.S. Rep. Dan Burton should be commended.

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Health law hitting insurance agents

Not only are these “minimum medical loss ratios” destabilizing state insurance markets, thus leaving consumers with fewer choices, but they’re also putting insurance agents out of business.

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We’re rebalancing, not losing our way

In response to “Congress let us down across the board” [Doran Moreland column in the Aug. 22 Forefront], has the author considered that the sharp divide in Congress might have something to do with the trillions of dollars at stake?

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