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DECEMBER 10-16, 2012

This week, read about new Hulman & Co. CEO Mark Miles' vision for the IndyCar Series and find out where Midwest Energy Partners is looking to strike oil. In Focus, meet three local entrepreneurs who built their businesses during the Great Recession. And in A&E, Lou Harry shares his thoughts on three of Indianapolis' long-running holiday shows.

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Retail, apartment blitz hits Fishers

It seems as if all of Fishers is under construction—and not just the perpetual improvements to Interstate 69. Developers have lined up a multitude of deals adding residential and commercial space, projects that are coinciding with the town’s recent voter-approved transition to a city.

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Japanese automakers help drive economy

A deal struck 25 years ago brought Subaru-Isuzu to Indiana. Toyota followed in 1996, and Honda came in 2008. The three Japanese automakers now collectively employ 10,000 and support thousands more jobs at suppliers across the state.

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Deal to save racing show had many twists, turns

In a matter of a few months, operators of the Performance Racing Industry show and its upstart rival, the International Motorsports Industry Show, went from being bitter rivals to merging—a deal that will return the world’s largest motorsports trade show to Indianapolis next December.

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Midwest Energy oil firm drilling for $15M

An Indianapolis investment advisory oil firm has been looking for blowouts in its own back yard. Midwest Energy Partners is preparing for its seventh—and largest—round of funding to pay for oil drilling in southwestern Indiana and southeastern Illinois.

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New Hulman & Co. CEO eyes changes to resurrect open-wheel racing

New Hulman and Co. CEO Mark Miles will focus in his new role on all of Hulman & Co.’s ventures—including real estate holdings and Clabber Girl. But his biggest challenge will be turning around the money-losing IndyCar Series and bolstering one of the region’s most famous landmarks—the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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Lawmakers may tighten grip on gold-buying business

State lawmakers and Indianapolis officials are looking to regulate the gold-buying business, which police say provides an easy outlet for stolen goods. Cash-for-gold stores have multiplied as prices more than doubled since 2007.

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Bill would crack down on convenience store safety

Stores with crime problems that wanted to remain open overnight would have to do one of the following: have two employees working, install a bulletproof enclosure, have a security guard or conduct business through a pass-through trough.

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About 1 in 10 firms plans to drop coverage

Even as the rising cost of medical benefits has moderated, 11 percent of Indiana employers with 10 or more workers say they will terminate their medical coverage within the next five years, according to the latest survey from the benefits consulting firm Mercer.

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Maurer pumped stock

Mickey Maurer’s [Nov. 26] commentary details a very rosy outlook for the future of Endocyte, the Indiana biopharmaceutical company.

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Don’t restrict who can marry

In Indiana, the groundwork is again being laid by legislators to bring to a vote a constitutional amendment which would define marriage as between one man and one woman.

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Honda unveils 2013 Civic

Compact car made in Greensburg usually gets rave reviews from critics, but last year’s model was slammed for poor handling and a ‘cheap’ interior.

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Holiday Wish List

The following is a list of Indianapolis-area not-for-profit organizations and the things each needs most. This is an opportunity for businesses and individuals to make tax-deductible gifts in the spirit of the season. Anyone who wishes to make a contribution should contact the organization directly.This list is being published weekly through Dec. 24. Requests should […]

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