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FEB. 27-MARCH 4, 2012

This week, read about local not-for-profit Christel House International's plans for a charter school targeting high school dropouts and find out why the Indianapolis Airport Authority is spending millions on bats. In Focus, see how the CityWay development downtown will integrate varied uses. And in A&E, get Lou Harry's take on "August: Osage County" at the Phoenix.

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Pan Am Plaza redevelopment brewing

The two entities that control the future of Pan Am Plaza have come to an agreement that could lead to the redevelopment of one of the most valuable parcels downtown.

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Airport spending millions to protect rare bats

The Indianapolis Airport Authority board has approved a $504,872, two-year contract with Indiana State University to study the federally endangered Myotis sodalis, which brings to $2.5 million what the airport has paid ISU since 2004 to track and observe the minuscule mammals.

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Good movement on school funding

It only makes sense that if students attend more than one school in a given year, there would be a funding system that counts students’ attendance more than once a year.

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Right-to-work puts state on right path

No one has said right-to-work will be the immediate cure-all for what ails our economy (our struggles are largely due to national concerns). But it also won’t lower wages and threaten workers’ safety and health care, as opponents claimed.

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Hospitals’ impact less than reported

After years of screaming by employers that spiraling health care spending is crimping their profits and forcing them to hold down wages, the economic impact study released last week by Indiana University Health suggests health care spending is an unmitigated blessing to the Indiana economy.

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