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JANUARY 23-29, 2012

This week, see how not-for-profit Second Helpings is helping the hospitality industry and find out why some Arcadia Resources investors are questioning a deal to sell the firm's pharmacy business. In Focus, read about investors eyeing Indiana companies. And in Forefront, check out what gubernatorial hopefuls Mike Pence and Jim Wallace have to say about merit pay for state workers.

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Officials steered lease deal to Bales

State officials in 2005 vowed to run a competitive process to select a private firm to handle real estate leasing for public agencies, but a 20-page request for services to more than 400 potential bidders was a sham, according to three people with knowledge of the process.

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Hospitality industry embraces Second Helpings grads

Second Helpings—which rescues perishable food from grocery stores, hotels and restaurants and turns it into meals delivered to shelters and community centers—also teaches people the basics of food handling and preparation. Its free, 10-week training program boasts a job-placement rate of 85 percent to 95 percent within 30 days of completion.

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Bill aims to lift upside for 21st Century fund

Republican State Sen. Brent Waltz has filed a bill that would require the Indiana Economic Development Corp. and businesses seeking awards from the 21st Century fund to match the state’s money with outside capital at a four-to-one ratio.

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Indianapolis-area mergers and acquisitions in 2011

A number of acquisitions last year disclosed no sale price. In the Indianapolis area, those deals ranged from MacAllister Machinery’s purchase of a Caterpillar dealership in Michigan to Herff Jones’ acquisition of a Memphis, Tenn.-headquartered maker of cheerleading uniforms.

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‘Right-to-work’ is a charade

As an attorney who has practiced labor and employment law for 37 years, I’m concerned by the widespread confusion about the so-called “right-to-work“ bill being promoted by Gov. Daniels.

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Not chump change

Talking heads and politicians are notoriously bad at math. Morton Marcus [Jan. 9 Forefront] acts as if paying higher wages equates to something like 30 cents per diner. I think this is disingenuous.

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Churlish behavior isn’t acceptable

John Krull is not an old fogey. His viewpoints [Dec. 26 Forefront] are what America was made of before all the too-open-minded people, the too-liberal thinkers and the too-greedy people came to the forefront.

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At long last, Roche wins approval of Nano

The OK for a new blood glucose monitor comes more than two years after FDA officials declined to approve a previous version of the Nano, which in rare cases generated inflated blood sugar readings because it did not distinguish properly between the sugars glucose and maltose.

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