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JULY 19-25, 2010

This week, read about why $33.5 million from the Capital Improvement Board won't solve all the Indiana Pacers' problems and see what Shelby County officials have planned for millions in tax revenue from Indiana Live casino. In Focus, check out what changes are in store for employers in the wake of health care reform. And in A&E, get Style columnist Gabrielle Poshadlo's take on making old stuff new again.

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Brizzi hires ex-partner to handle public records requests

Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi has hired his former legal partner and personal attorney to field public records requests.
Locally based Collignon & Dietrick PC is responsible for review and production of Prosecutor’s Office e-mails, contracts,
case files and other documents requested by members of the media or public.

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Ballard takes aim at vacant homes

If Mayor Greg Ballard successfully closes the $1.9 billion sale of the city’s water and sewer utilities to Citizens Energy,
some of the proceeds will be used to bulldoze or rehabilitate 2,000 to 4,500 abandoned, unsafe homes during the next two years.

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Bond swap story was valuable

I just wanted to say “well done” regarding your [July 5] article [on bond swaps]. The subject of your report
has been a topic near and dear to my heart for about two years.

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It takes time to appreciate soccer

I decided
to read [Bill Benner’s June 28 column]—see, whenever there is soccer involved, my blood runs faster, my pulse gallops and my
mind expands beyond reality.

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Crisis advice was dead-on

I want to thank you for your crisis tips in [Bruce Hetrick’s June 28 column]. You not only provided thoughtful commentary,
you helped me win an argument with the hubby.

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John Wooden essay was in poetry mag

I just came across [Bill Benner’s] touching June 14 article, and am excited to point out to you John Wooden’s
article, “The Great Scorer,” in the July/August issue of Poetry magazine.

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