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JULY 26-AUG. 1, 2010

This week, see how the state balanced its budget this year—and why lawmakers already are gearing up for the 2011 General Assembly—and find out how the Indianapolis Indians are faring off the field. In Focus, read about why Gov. Mitch Daniels is taking heat for cutting costs. And in A&E,  get Lou Harry's take on an artist's broken records.

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Lawsuit targets Simon’s leasing tactics

One of Indiana’s largest privately held developers is suing Simon Property Group Inc., alleging the nation’s largest
mall owner abused its “market power” to bully two national retailers into backing out of leases at a lifestyle
mall near Mishawaka.

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Local investors make big bet on senior housing

With the first baby boomers set to turn 65 in six months, investments in senior housing are heating up. A group of Indianapolis-area
professionals—including Mark Waterfill (left) and Tony Schantz—have banded together to launch three senior housing
projects around the state, spending $49 million and looking
to do more.

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High-end home market hits foreclosure lull

Until this year, Indiana’s foreclosure epidemic knew no demographic boundaries. But suddenly that’s changed. Since March,
not a single foreclosure on a house priced at $1 million or more has been filed in the Indianapolis area—a possible
sign of better times for uber-expensive homes.

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Big budget cuts will make for bitter state politics

As Indiana’s reserves dwindle toward zero and federal stimulus money disappears, trying to keep political debate friendly
and the budget in the black will be quite a challenge. Half a year before they must craft the next state budget, Democrats
and Republicans already are squabbling.

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Indianapolis City Ballet organizers proceeding slowly

Local arts patrons Jane Fortune and her longtime partner Robert Hesse started City Ballet in the spring of 2009, but it was
more of a pitch than a reality. More than a year later, organization leaders are still not sure when they will hire their
own dancers.

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MARCUS: Is suburbia the root of all evil?

Once upon a time, school transportation eased the journey of farm kids going to school. Today,
it’s a massive subsidy for suburban kids whose parents have chosen to live far from a school in a place without sidewalks.

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Fieldhouse could have life without Pacers

The IBJ and others keep repeating that, should the Pacers leave, the city would be stuck with paying $14 [million]-$18
million a year in fieldhouse operating costs. Are you all assuming the facility will sit vacant? Come on.

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Keep government hands off of Internet

Tim Altom, in his July 19 column, replays the tired populist argument in favor of Net Neutrality, while furthering the myth that government regulation magically makes things “fair.”

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Medicare driving health care hookups

The scramble by local hospitals to form their physicians and facilities into “clinically integrated” networks
that can do business with employers and health insurers has another huge motivating factor: Beginning January 2012, they can
also do business with Medicare, the massive federal program for seniors.

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PROXY CORNER: WellPoint Inc.

WellPoint Inc. is one of the nation's largest health insurance companies and sells its products primarily under the Blue Cross Blue Shield brand name.

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