Indianapolis Business Journal

JUNE 13-19, 2016

Startups in Indianapolis often have barely grown after five years in business, according to a new study. Jared Council reports that the finding has rekindled criticism of the local venture capital landscape. Also in this week’s issue, Scott Olson details why Broad Ripple advocates expect daytime retail traffic to finally pick up. Anthony Schoettle explains why meeting planners and hospitality officials are embracing gender-neutral restroom facilities. And in Forefront, Gov. Mike Pence and John Gregg debate school-choice issues.

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Don’t lower scholarship hurdles

New requirements for the 21st Century Scholars program are common-sense measures that should help students choose the best college, select an appropriate major, and graduate with as little debt as possible.

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Innovation Issue was strong

To a longtime colleague who now sells managed-IT services, I texted: “I am halfway through this week’s IBJ, and it is a masterwork of an issue. Go buy one.”

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