Indianapolis Business Journal

JUNE 19-25, 2017

The number of licensed taxi drivers in Indianapolis has fallen every year since ride-hailing services came to town, which has captured the attention of the City-County Council. Susan Orr reports on discussions to overhaul taxi regulation to help even the playing field. Also in this week’s issue, IBJ’s annual edition of Indiana 100 counts down and showcases the biggest public and private firms in the state. And Scott Olson details how low-cost grocer Aldi is revamping its 22 central Indiana stores to help it compete in the cutthroat marketplace.

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EDITORIAL: HIP 2.0 is worth saving

Lawmakers should resist the temptation to pass a law that would destroy programs such as HIP 2.0 that have found a way to balance liberal ideals about government serving the poor with conservative principals about the marketplace.

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