Indianapolis Business Journal

MARCH 2-8, 2015

White River State Park officials are working on plans to acquire part of the former GM stamping plant site and build a permanent music venue to replace The Lawn. Kathleen McLaughlin has the scoop.  Also this week, Anthony Schoettle unpacks how middling radio station WRWM-FM 93.9 turned the tables on its competitors, rocketing to first place one month after switching its format to old school hip hop. And in A&E Etc., Lou Harry says Bent Rail Brewery will be famous for its sandwiches before its beer, and Mike Lopresti lowers the curtain on a Butler fairy tail.

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Indiana ports set records in 2014

Ports operated by the state set shipping records last year, according to Ports of Indiana, the quasi-government body that operates ports at Burns Harbor on Lake Michigan, and at Jeffersonville and Mount Vernon on the Ohio River.

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Strong dollar divides economy into winners, losers

Hoosier businesses and consumers face a dynamic not seen in a generation—a dollar significantly more muscular than many competing currencies. Experts predict the dollar’s clout and the pros and cons of that power will endure for a year and possibly as long as three.

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THOMAS: Work sharing calms economic waves

The best way to stimulate the economy is by keeping workers on the job through work sharing. The return is greater than infrastructure investments or tax cuts, according to Moody’s Analytics.

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Utilities make power grab

Across the country we have witnessed utility crusades to stomp out competition from rooftop solar. Now, in Indiana, we see an unprecedented attack by utility companies like AEP, Duke and Vectren to maintain their monopoly status.

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Pence development fund deserves another look

Indy Chamber knows that affordability and ease of doing business are important economic development assets. But we also know that we live in a talent-driven economy—and our strategy for growth and jobs must adapt.

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