Indianapolis Business Journal

MARCH 23-29, 2015

After wearing the mantle of “emerging neighborhood” for two decades, Fountain Square has finally arrived in a way the business community can easily understand. Scott Olson reports that properties are fetching several multiples of their assessed values, proving the demand to locate in the hot area. Also this week, Jared Council illustrates the blurring lines between CMOs and CIOs in the C-suite. And in A&E Etc., Lou Harry browses the new exhibition dedicated to the history of L.S. Ayres.

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Secretive ‘bill mill’ gets local foothold

An offshoot of the American Legislative Exchange Council that aims to influence local government is making inroads in Indiana. The American City County Exchange, which launched about a year ago, has 22 members from eight Indiana counties, including Marion and Hamilton.

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Police stations open doors for safer Craigslist deals

Police stations across the country have started offering space for these business exchanges, saying it’s a win-win-win—strangers meet in a safe spot, police help prevent crime, and the danger of doing business on Craigslist decreases.

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Indiana’s higher education achievement results mixed

Indiana’s public colleges and universities, spurred by pressure from state lawmakers, are pumping out more graduates than ever. But in spite of a 20-percent increase in degrees granted since 2010, the education level of Indiana’s younger adults has barely budged, for reasons that aren’t clear.

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FISHER: The wonder of working with Michael Graves

Whenever I hear someone on TV talking about the road to the Final Four in Indianapolis, I pause to see which shots of the city they’ll show. Every time the NCAA headquarters Hall of Champions flashes on the screen, it’s an immediate source of pride for my colleague Kevin Shelley and me.

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SKARBECK: Long-term investors look beyond Fed news

The cognoscenti who dissect every word in Federal Open Market Committee statements predicted “patient” would be dropped from the March 18 “Fedspeak” press release. They were correct—and Voila!, the Dow Jones tacked on 300 points.

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IndyCar deal with USA Today Sports is ethical

The deal between USA Today Sports and IndyCar [March 16 IBJ] is a marketing relationship that makes USA Today Sports and its affiliated properties a preferred marketing partner of the racing circuit in the United States.

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