Indianapolis Business Journal

MARCH 5-11, 2012

This week, find out how founding directors of local arts groups are laying groundwork for the next generation of leadership and read about MainGate Inc.'s effort to land a super contract with the NFL. In Focus, see why trucking firms are shunning clean-burning fuel. And in Forefront, columnist Aaron Renn weighs in on how Indianapolis' Center Township can be repopulated.

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State economy finally gaining traction

Leading indicators for Indiana’s economy are looking up: Banks are increasing lending, real estate developers are pulling the trigger on long-shelved projects, manufacturers are expanding, and consumers are even buying big-ticket items, including automobiles.

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EDITORIAL: Senate smoking ban bad for business

The statewide smoking ban approved by the Indiana Senate Feb. 29 was riddled with exemptions, seeming to prove what many people have already concluded: The majority of our lawmakers aren’t concerned with public health; they care far more about the right of business owners to operate without government intrusion.

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Benner on target

It’s my guess [Benner’s Feb. 27 column ] could have been pages and pages in length with recitals of poor behavior on behalf of parents, administrators, students, players, coaches, officials, cheerleaders, mascots, trainers, gym managers, parking lot attendants, clean-up crews and many others.

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Study: Indy hospitals charge ‘excess’ prices

The Big 3 automakers spent 35 percent more in the Indianapolis area to provide health care for workers and non-elderly retirees than they did in other auto-heavy cities—and two-thirds of that difference can be blamed on “excess prices” by Indianapolis hospitals.

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PROXY CORNER: Lakeland Financial Corp.

Warsaw-based Lakeland Financial Corp. is the parent of Lake City Bank, which has $2.9 billion in assets and 45 branches. Though most of those offices are in the northern part of the state. Lakeland recently entered the Indianapolis market and has opened a regional headquarters at 96th and Meridian streets.

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