Indianapolis Business Journal

MAY 13-19, 2013

College sports as we know them could change virtually overnight, and athletic porgrams could watch their budgets shrink by half, depending on the outcome of a lawsuit against the Indianapolis-based NCAA. Anthony Schoettle examines the potential consequences of the anti-trust case brought by a former UCLA player, which could become a class action in June. In Focus, learn about the comeback staged by credit unions in central Indiana, with profits climbing 45 percent statewide. And walk the halls of Howe High as a new charter school operator struggles to turn around the troubled school with declining enrollment. J.K. Wall presents a case study in revamping an institution.

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Whitsett goes big with Star project

A local developer plans to tear down part of the Indianapolis Star’s downtown headquarters while saving most of the building in a redevelopment that calls for 350 apartments—more units than the massive CityWay.

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Slingshot is shifting aim away from SEO

After Google cracked down on some of the tools companies were using to improve their positions in search results, Indianapolis-based Slingshot SEO opted to launch a sister brand called Digital Relevance that will focus on earning media attention.

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Hicks: Root cause of suffering labor market elusive

At the beginning of the Great Recession, in December 2007, there were more than 26 full-time workers for each part-time employee looking for full-time work. By June 2009, that number had shrunk to less than 15 full-time workers for each part-timer. There it has remained.

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