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MAY 3-9, 2010

This week, find out why the chapel doors are closing on mega-church expansion, and why three Indiana universities have public-school principals in their cross hairs. In Focus, see how the Speedway is reacting to a lull in suite sales for the Indianapolis 500. And in A&E, hear Lou Harry's pitch for theater season subscriptions.

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British tour firms’ visit may lead to transatlantic direct flights

An initiative to bring 10 of the biggest travel tour operators in the United Kingdom to this year’s Indianapolis 500 could
be a first step in bolstering business at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, area golf courses and Indianapolis International
Airport, where city boosters hope to establish direct flights to London.

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Area reaches end of an era for church construction

The $16.5 million worship auditorium that Northview Church in Carmel opened last month may be the last major church-related
project completed in central Indiana for years. Although many projects were finished before the recession, churches, which
usually pay for much of construction in cash, struggled to collect pledges.

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EDITORIAL: Don’t abandon basic services because of tax caps

The property tax caps that are all but sure to become part of the Indiana constitution after a voter referendum
this November
are definitely good politics—and might prove to be good policy. We won’t know for sure until we see what becomes
of two property-tax funded entities that are starving as the caps fully phase in.

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THIES: Get ready for state’s finest hour

I am a sucker for a good story. During the NCAA men’s basketball
championship last month, when that ball, or as the CBS color commentator Clark Kellogg called it, the “pumpkin,”
arched into the air from the hands of central Indiana’s now second-most-famous “babyface,” I thought, “This
is it!”

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Simons already support library

In response to IBJ’s April 26 editorial, “Simon could score for city library,” I thought it important
for your readers to know members of the Simon family have a long history of supporting Indianapolis’ public library
system and continue to be regular donors.

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Benner column is a must-read

I wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed reading your articles about Butler, especially the [April 19] “in
another universe” piece. As a Butler alum, I still cannot believe we were in the championship and almost won it.

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Health by Design deserves publicity

Thank you for [columnist Tom Harton’s] well-thought-out piece in [the April 26] edition on Health by Design. As Kim
Irwin noted, this coalition is primarily aimed at obesity prevention.

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Woman performed work as contractor

I read your article on Vida Aventura and Deseri Garcia in the April 12 issue with interest since Garcia once worked for my
company, Team Summit. However, I feel it is important to clarify some of the information contained in the story.

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