Indianapolis Business Journal

MAY 8-14, 2017

Tech companies will be looking to hire thousands of workers in central Indiana over the next several years. Jared Council reports that a shortage of talent to fill those jobs has local companies, education officials and community leaders brainstorming for ways to flood the pipeline. Also in this issue, Anthony Schoettle details the marketing effort to put a youthful face on the 102-year Kiwanis Club. And in A&E Etc., Mike Lopresti previews the big storylines that will play out this month at the Speedway.

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DRAGOO & STEPHENS: Men must help pave way for women

We need men to be real partners at work, not just at home. We need men to “lean in” alongside women not only to ensure that both women and men have opportunities to lead but also to enable their organizations to thrive, innovate and compete.

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KENNEDY: Whistling in the dark

The rise of populism, increasing racial resentments and anti-immigrant rhetoric, the widening divide between flourishing cities populated with skilled workers and emptying rural areas pock-marked with abandoned factories and stores should be a wake-up call.

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