Indianapolis Business Journal

NOV. 29-DEC. 5, 2010

This week, read about the high-profile lawyer hired to join Tim Durham's legal team and see why Indiana medical school students are eschewing family practice. Also, Mickey Maurer continues his 10 lessons for entrepreneurs.

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EDITORIAL: Statewide smoking ban is overdue

The scientific evidence has been there for years. The financial argument is easy to make. Yet the idea of protecting the public from the potentially deadly effects of secondhand smoke hasn’t caught fire in the halls of power—at least that’s been the case in Indiana.

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MAURER: Giving back is not always easy

I evolved from my experience, “The Ten Essential Principles of Entrepreneurship that You Didn’t Learn in School”—at least I didn’t learn them in school. Over the course of 10 columns, I am featuring each of these essential principles. This is the ninth installment.

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MARCUS: Show us the progress, not the promises

Why doesn’t Indiana’s economy keep pace with the nation? Why, when we hear so much about new jobs, about Indiana’s beating out this state or that in some national ranking, do the data most often tell a different story? The answers are always the same. It’s hard to turn around a big ship.

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Unions doom workers

[In response to a Nov. 15 Focus story] the quote by Unite Here spokeswoman Becky Smith, “They [hotels] often take the profits they reap in this market and plow them into other markets or ship them back to the corporate headquarters,” speaks volumes about organized labor.

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Clothes do matter

I thoroughly enjoyed [Greg Morris’ Nov. 22] commentary titled “Dressing for success matters” and I totally agree with you! I realize times have changed, but I am constantly amazed at how casual our world has become.

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Thanks for column on Carl Brizzi

I do not know Carl Brizzi and do not feel that I have adequate information to assess some of the events that have raised so much concern. I have felt all along that he deserves to be deemed innocent until proven guilty.

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