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NOVEMBER 11-17, 2013

The homegrown speaker and headphone maker Klipsch Group in recent weeks released a bevy of new products and launched a marketing campaign headlined by high-profile athletes and a rock band. Anthony Schoettle has details on the products, the push, and the people who will help get the word out. Also this week, J.K. Wall explores the possibility that Indiana could leave $1.2 billion in federal funds for health care on the table. And in Focus, we examine whether the citywide smoking ban that took effect in 2012 has helped boost convention business.

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Pence’s Obamacare angst may cost state

Even though Obamacare will raise various taxes to subsidize the cost of expanding health insurance coverage, Indiana might say no to all its new funding, to the tune of $1.2 billion per year. That also means the state would say no to a reduction by more than half of the 810,000 Hoosiers that go without health insurance for a time each year.

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How the Brizzi public-corruption case unraveled

Federal authorities suffered a near-complete defeat in their efforts to prosecute the players in an unusual real estate deal in Elkhart, a setback that ultimately scuttled an ambitious public-corruption case targeting former Marion County prosecutor Carl Brizzi.

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MILLER: A mixed forecast for the travel business

The volume of travel in the United States exceeded the prior peak (2007) earlier this year and is likely headed for continued growth, although Indiana, with the exception of central Indiana, is not faring as positively.

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EDITORIAL: Time for an end to Carmel drama

The implosion of the once-powerful Carmel Redevelopment Commission doesn’t look good in the headlines, but the turmoil has a silver lining. It should end a period in Carmel’s history when fast physical transformation of the town seemed to be leadership’s only concern.

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RUSTHOVEN: Donnelly needs to step up

Prominently featured on Sen. Joe Donnelly’s website is a column by The Indianapolis Star’s Matt Tully, titled “Donnelly Hits It Down The Middle.” Tully lavishes praise on Donnelly, contrasting him with “partisan warriors such as Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.”

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Conserve water, too

IBJ’s Nov. 2 editorial “Study water needs while there’s time” should have noted the value of conservation in meeting future needs. Available supply should be carefully stewarded and not “promiscuously pumped,” as one water expert recently put it.

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Social safety nets haven’t helped

Sheila Suess Kennedy [Nov. 4] states that “There’s a fair amount of evidence that strong social safety nets correlate with healthier social indicators”—less gun violence, teen pregnancy, divorce, etc.

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Apples and oranges

Sheila Suess Kennedy [Nov. 4] attempts to make a correlation between the 5.5 million people of Denmark with the 313 million people of the United States. Then she mentions Denmark has high levels of homogeneity.

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IBJ rolls out politics website

The central Indiana business news authority has elevated the idea behind its popular Forefront section and created a website similarly focused on commentary about politics, policy and government.

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Kite Realty to pay $307M for 9 retail properties

The Indianapolis-based real estate firm said the properties total 2 million square feet and are mostly located in Florida, Georgia and Texas. The acquisition would bump the size and value of Kite’s portfolio by about 20 percent.

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