Indianapolis Business Journal

NOVEMBER 3-9, 2014

Charles Venable inherited a shaky situation as the new CEO of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, including disappointing attendance figures and a penchant for overspending. In this week's issue, Lou Harry surveys Venable's first two years on the job as he has tried to right the ship. Also in this issue, Scott Olson notes new investments in the once-blighted Holy Cross neighborhood, and Kathleen McLaughlin shares the state's plans to create a bicentennial plaza by the Statehouse.

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Chamber steps up microloan ambitions

A division of the Indy Chamber is applying to become a U.S. Small Business Administration-affiliated microlender, a move aimed at boosting its available capital and expanding its territory in a wide-open frontier of finance.

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Hicks: Voters are massing to fight bad government

The meme of the 2016 election is becoming clear. For the Democrats, the leftward pull of Elizabeth Warren will exert great influence. For the GOP, the coming two years offer a chance to lay out a pragmatic opposition to the last decade in economic, social and foreign policy.

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